Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7

A third of the way through the Yoga Journal 21-Day Challenge!  My friend Gia, a yoga teacher and all-around awesome gal who lives in DC, was kind enough to agree to do the challenge with me, and we've both made reasonable modifications along the way (e.g., she counted teaching yoga as her practice one day, and I counted practicing ahimsa toward myself as my practice on another day) but we've made it this far.  We agree that the challenge sequences vary wildly in difficulty.  For instance, today's Day 7 Evening Sequence is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners.  However, as experienced yoginis, we both found the Day 5 Hanumanasana "Peak Pose" sequence quite challenging.     
I didn't post a blog yesterday, but I did both the Day 6 Tension Release Hip Opener Sequence and the Day 5 Hanumanasana sequence, in that order.  It worked out well, because the hip opening I achieved from the first sequence helped me release further into hanumanasana in the following sequence. 

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  1. Hi! I love that you are blogging about your experience with the 21 day challenge. I find writing helps me process and deepen my learning. Also, it is awesome that you have buddy to keep you motivated!! Congrats on your journey!