Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 9

Work sucked today. I'm a Pharmacy Benefits Counselor, which seemed to have gotten confused somehow with Pharmacy Magic Worker. The day following a weekday holiday is always challenging in the Hematology Oncology Clinic, because we have to treat all the patients we normally would have scheduled for the previous day, and deal with all the prior authorization requests and other insurance (or lack thereof, more often) issues that we would have handled that day as well. Normally, I maintain a calm attitude and handle it all with relative grace, but today I nearly lost it.  Everything went wrong, it seemed, from the vending machine eating my $1.25 without giving me my caffeine fix to being transferred by Aetna a record seven times in 57 minutes while trying to obtain authorization for a patient's pain medication, on which he has been stable for nearly three years. At one point, I hastily scarfed down six mini Twix bars.  The day got progressively better, thankfully (I got that OxyContin authorization after all) but I was elated when the clock struck 4:30pm.  All I wanted to do when I got home was lie down on the sofa and numb my brain, courtesy of Time Warner Cable.  But I knew I'd feel better if I did my yoga practice.
So, for Day 9 of the Yoga Journal 21-Day Challenge, I did Day 8's "Fun Flow". (I'll admit it: I was hungover on Day 8 and didn't do anything.)  Elise Lorimer led another lovely mandala vinyasa sequence, followed by some back-bending and hip openers.  It was slightly more challenging than I'd been hoping for, but by then end of the 45-minute practice, all the stress of my day had melted away. John even joined me for a few forward folds at the end. 
As Judith Lasater reminds us on January 16 in A Year of Living Your Yoga, "Yoga does not solve our problems."  True, but it sure puts them back into perspective and helps us handle them with more ease, gently reminding us when we've gotten out of balance and pulling us back toward center.  


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