Sunday, January 23, 2011

Days 12, 13, 14

A nice, restful weekend was in order following the crazy busyness of my work week.  On Friday night, I did the Day 12 Peak Pose Sequence (Bakasana).  Instructor Jason Crandell choreographed a moderately challenging, progressive sequence to open the hips and strengthen the arms and core in preparation for the main event, bakasana (crow pose).  After successfully lifting my toes off the mat for a few moments, I felt rather accomplished and ready to celebrate my bakasana success, so I walked the few steps from my house (brr, it was cold!) to Johnny's to indulge in a treat from the taco truck.
I didn't do a yoga practice yesterday. I did some laundry and light house cleaning, talked on the phone with some family and friends, cooked a simple pasta dish for dinner, and read several chapers of the fantastic book The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.  
This morning, John and I got up and had a yummy biscuit at Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, then went to Grace Church to meet his family for Sunday service.  After devouring several more chapters of my book, I did the Day 10 Core Focus sequence and the Day 13 Tension Release Shoulder Openers Sequence.  The Core Focus sequence is a repeat from last week (and well worth doing again and again).  The Shoulder Openers sequence was low-key, but would be excellent to do at the office during my lunch break.  The whole sequence is performed in a chair, and all of the movements are a good foil to the actions of hunching over a computer, talking on the phone, and sitting stationary for most of the day.  
Tonight, I think I'll cook that soup I've been planning to cook all week long, then enjoy a new episode of Big Love.

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