Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yoga Journal Challenge Day 2: The Verdict

In my mind, there is a judiciary which only prosecutes one defendant: me.  There is no element of suspense in the courtroom of my cortex:  I'm always found guilty.  (There is a lesser court which doles out far fewer guilty verdicts, but that one is reserved for others.)  I didn't do an asana practice today, and I am full of excuses (including, but not limited to, the cold weather, late receipt of Yoga Journal's Day 2 practice e-mail, and PMS), none of which are adequate reason for acquittal.  One count of laziness: guilty, three counts of procrastination: guilty, one count of chocolate over-indulgence: guilty.  The great thing about the judicial branch in my mind is that--since I am judge, jury, and defendant--I can change the rules.  Today, Judge Nicole is suspending Defendant Nicole's usual sentence of several hours of self-loathing and ordering her to practice compassion toward herself for 24 hours.

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