Monday, January 10, 2011

Yoga Journal 21-Day Yoga Challenge, Day 1

In a new year's resolution-style effort to renew my commitment to a daily yoga practice, I decided to sign up for Yoga Journal's 21-Day Yoga Challenge.  I'm blogging about it mainly to keep myself accountable.  I've never had a truly consistent home practice.  The structure of a class keeps me from lazily avoiding navasana and vasisthasana, and I enjoy the social aspect of practicing with a community of like-minded people.  But I realize having a good home practice will allow me more freedom to explore various asanas on a deeper level. 
Yoga Journal's day 1 practice was a fantastic mandala vinyasa sequence by super yogini Elise Lorimer.  I confess, I rested several times during the 45-minute sequence because I'm recovering from an upper respiratory infection and didn't want to overdo it. 
Yoga instructors with dance backgrounds tend to be my favorite teachers, and they always seem to love mandala vinyasa sequences for obvious reasons (they're generally choreographed and follow modern dance-like patterns).  Rebecca Drake taught a similar style for a session at Triangle Yoga not too long ago, and her other classes are clearly influenced by her dance training.  Having danced for most of my life, a creatively crafted yoga sequence allows me a freedom of expression through movement that I really miss.

Ever the over-achiever, I am also working my way through Judith Lasater's book, A Year Of Living Your Yoga.  A short aphorism is presented for each date on the calendar.  I read and reflect upon the day's words of wisdom in the morning, and then try to remember them a few times throughout the day.  I'm still working on the one from January 3: "We are not seeing a situation as it truly is if we have expectations."  Particularly applicable to both my work and personal lives right now, I could work on this one all month.  And maybe I will.

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