Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yoga Journal Challenge Day 3

Everyone who knows me knows that I am super lazy when it comes to abdominal exercises.  (When I was a ballet dancer, I'd find various ways to cheat in order to avoid working my core too hard.)  Yet, I loved the Day 3 core sequence.  It avoided all the typical, boring approaches to core strengthening (repetitious crunches, too many boat poses).  This sequence focused on slowing down in order to bring awareness to core integration, rather than muscling through a bunch of uncomfortable exercises.  The Anusara alignment influence was evident in Rebecca Urban's approach to core strength, along with a gentleness reminiscent of one of her teachers,  master yogi Erich Schiffmann
Before work, I did the Day 2 morning sequence that I skipped yesterday.  While it was not challenging, it was a nice way to bring breath awareness into my day.  And it ended up being just that kind of day where I needed to focus on my breath.  The beginning of a new insurance plan year always brings the stress of new deductibles ($5,000 for one of my patients), insurance changes, and many frustrated patients and health care providers.  I strive to be a beacon of sanity in the midst of the chaos, and for the most part I was able to do that today thanks to my yoga practice.     

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